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Add 1 IsiXhosa ulwimi lwabantu abangesosininzi eZimbabwe: ukuphila nokulondolozwa kwaso 8725
Add 2 Empathy in the time of ecological apartheid : a social sculpture practice-led inquiry into developing pedagogies for ecological citizenship 4698
Add 3 "To learn how to speak": a study of Jeremy Cronin's poetry 3519
Add 4 Camphor-derived chiral auxiliaries: a synthetic, mechanistic and computational study 2298
Add 5 Composition portfolio 2229
Add 6 The jazz divas an analysis of the musical careers of six New Brighton vocalists 1860
Add 7 A strategic analysis of Capitec Bank Limited within the South African banking industry 1134
Add 8 An analysis of the certificate of the theory of accounting knowledge and knower structures : a case study of professional knowledge 1074
Add 9 The supervisor’s tale: postgraduate supervisors’ experiences in a changing Higher Education environment 1039
Add 10 Conditions enabling or constraining the exercise of agency among new academics in higher education, conducive to the social inclusion of students 1031
Add 11 A social realist account of the tutorial system at the University of Johannesburg 1003
Add 12 Knowledge and knowing in the public management and public administration programmes at a comprehensive university 990
Add 13 Control, compliance and conformity at the University of Fort Hare 1916 - 2000: a Gramscian approach 976
Add 14 Emergent governance practices in the University of Malawi following reform implementation from 1997 to 2013 934
Add 15 Linking satellite and point micrometeorological data to estimate : distributed evapotranspiration modelling based on MODIS LAI, Penman-Monteith and functional convergence theory 914
Add 16 Reading identities: a case study of grade 8 learners' interactions in a reading club 908
Add 17 A history of the Xhosa, c1700-1835 903
Add 18 Becoming and being: a critical realist study into the emergence of identity in emergency medical science students, and the construct of graduate attributes 896
Add 19 Composition portfolio 885
Add 20 Enabling cumulative knowledge-building through teaching : a legitimation code theory analysis of pedagogic practice in law and political science 878
Add 21 A psychobiographical study of Temple Grandin 869
Add 22 Cultural bias on the IELTS examination 866
Add 23 Pedagogical ways-of-knowing in the design studio 862
Add 24 Modelling plant water use of the grassland and thicket biomes in the eastern cape, South Africa: towards an improved understanding of the impact of invasive alien plants on soil chemistry, biomass production and evapotranspiration 862
Add 25 Water requirements and distribution of Ammophila arenaria and Scaevola plumieri on South African coastal dunes 842
Add 26 An exploration of conditions enabling and constraining the infusion of service-learning into the curriculum at a South African research led university 840
Add 27 Oil enclave economy and sexual liaisons in Nigeria's Niger Delta region 798
Add 28 A social realist analysis of participation in academic professional development for the integration of digital technologies in higher education 759
Add 29 Fast track land reform programme and women in Goromonzi district, Zimbabwe 758
Add 30 A baseline survey of channel geomorphology with particular reference to the effects of sediment characteristics on ecosystem health in the Tsitsa River, Eastern Cape, South Africa 719
Add 31 Imagined pasts, suspended presents South African literature in the contemporary moment 718
Add 32 An investigation into causes of success and failure in small businesses within the Department of Social Development in the Eastern Cape 718
Add 33 Epistemological access in a science foundation course: a social realist perspective 693
Add 34 Discursive constructions of quality assurance: the case of the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education 682
Add 35 In vitro drug-herb interaction potential of African medicinal plant products used by Type II diabetics 670
Add 36 Analysis of a foundational biomedical curriculum: exploring cumulative knowledge-building in the rehabilitative health professions 656
Add 37 Evolution of Fe-Ti-V oxides from the main magnetite layer, Upper Zone, Bushveld Complex, South Africa: a comparison across the Western, Northern and Eastern Lobes 646
Add 38 Understanding the reading practices of Fort Hare students 634
Add 39 Modeling and measurement of torqued procession in radio pulsars 627
Add 40 Implementation of National Health Insurance in South Africa: views of healthcare managers in a private healthcare institution 611
Add 41 Race, class and inequality: an exploration of the scholarship of Professor Bernard Magubane 603
Add 42 Aspects of the population ecology, habitat use and behaviour of the endangered Knysna seahorse (Hippocampus capensis Boulenger, 1900) in a residential marina estate, Knysna, South Africa: implications for conservation 595
Add 43 Effectiveness of the high value crop-based extension model in improving rural livelihoods 589
Add 44 Advanced radio interferometric simulation and data reduction techniques 586
Add 45 An analysis of the politics-administrative interface and its impact on delivery of municipal services: a case of the Mnquma Local Municipality 583
Add 46 Characterization and application of phthalocyanine-gold nanoparticle conjugates 561
Add 47 Sistering and sexual socialisation: a psychosocial study of Xhosa women’s ‘sex and reproduction talk’ with their sisters 542
Add 48 The impact of crime on the South African economic growth 540
Add 49 Delineation of buried stream channels using geophysical techniques 514
Add 50 'Environmental policy to community action' : methodology and approaches in community-based environmental education programmes in Uganda 510