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Add 1 IsiXhosa ulwimi lwabantu abangesosininzi eZimbabwe: ukuphila nokulondolozwa kwaso 6993
Add 2 Empathy in the time of ecological apartheid : a social sculpture practice-led inquiry into developing pedagogies for ecological citizenship 3211
Add 3 An annotated checklist of the species of the Labroid fish families Labridae and Scaridae 1741
Add 4 Fishes of the Tristan da Cunha Group and Gough Island, South Atlantic Ocean 1735
Add 5 A contribution to the taxonomy of the marine fish genus Argyrosomus (Perciformes: Sciaenidae), with descriptions of two new species from southern Africa 1690
Add 6 A review of the species of the genus Neobythites (Pisces: Ophidiidae) from the Western Indian Ocean, with a description of seven new species 1687
Add 7 A review of the gobioid fishes of the Maldives 1617
Add 8 The jazz divas an analysis of the musical careers of six New Brighton vocalists 1603
Add 9 Review of the grenadiers (Teleostei: Gadiformes) of Southern Africa, with descriptions of four new species 1601
Add 10 Camphor-derived chiral auxiliaries: a synthetic, mechanistic and computational study 1599
Add 11 Ichthyofaunal characteristics of a typical temporarily open/closed estuary on the southeast coast of South Africa 1587
Add 12 A survey of selected Eastern Cape estuaries with particular reference to the ichthyofauna 1586
Add 13 Composition portfolio 1581
Add 14 A revised checklist of the epipelagic and shore fishes of the Chagos Archipelago, central Indian Ocean 1578
Add 15 Fish community structure in three temporarily open/closed estuaries on the Natal coast 1570
Add 16 A revision of the Zeid fishes (Zeiformes: Zeidae) of South Africa 1569
Add 17 A preliminary review of the Indo-Pacific Gobiid fishes of the genus Gnatholepis 1568
Add 18 Stages in the early development of 40 marine fish species with pelagic eggs from the Cape of Good Hope 1567
Add 19 The fishes of the Okavango drainage system in Angola, South West Africa and Botswana: taxanomy and distribution 1565
Add 20 Dinopercidae, a new family for the Percoid marine fish genera Dinoperca Boulenger and Centrarchops Fowler (Pisces: Perciformes) 1561
Add 21 Imagined pasts, suspended presents South African literature in the contemporary moment 584
Add 22 A social realist account of the tutorial system at the University of Johannesburg 479
Add 23 Conditions enabling or constraining the exercise of agency among new academics in higher education, conducive to the social inclusion of students 476
Add 24 The supervisor’s tale: postgraduate supervisors’ experiences in a changing Higher Education environment 457
Add 25 Knowledge and knowing in the public management and public administration programmes at a comprehensive university 445
Add 26 Control, compliance and conformity at the University of Fort Hare 1916 - 2000: a Gramscian approach 440
Add 27 Becoming and being: a critical realist study into the emergence of identity in emergency medical science students, and the construct of graduate attributes 436
Add 28 In vitro drug-herb interaction potential of African medicinal plant products used by Type II diabetics 435
Add 29 Pedagogical ways-of-knowing in the design studio 433
Add 30 Reading identities: a case study of grade 8 learners' interactions in a reading club 432
Add 31 Emergent governance practices in the University of Malawi following reform implementation from 1997 to 2013 429
Add 32 Rhodes University Library Services Annual Report 2014 : "Our Scholarly Heartbeat" 424
Add 33 Cultural bias on the IELTS examination 421
Add 34 An exploration of conditions enabling and constraining the infusion of service-learning into the curriculum at a South African research led university 419
Add 35 Enabling cumulative knowledge-building through teaching : a legitimation code theory analysis of pedagogic practice in law and political science 416
Add 36 South African hopes and fears twenty years into democracy: a replication of Hadley Cantril's pattern of human concerns 413
Add 37 An analysis of the certificate of the theory of accounting knowledge and knower structures : a case study of professional knowledge 408
Add 38 A history of the Xhosa, c1700-1835 402
Add 39 Orumbugu 400
Add 40 Africa‘s Heritage No. 3: Religion, music and art in America 389
Add 41 African Rivers 388
Add 42 Review of the deep-sea anglerfishes (Lophiiformes: Ceratioidei) of southern Africa. 378
Add 43 RUL News, Quarter 1, 2013 376
Add 44 Rhodes University Library Annual Report 2010: Library Director’s Review 373
Add 45 RUL News, Quarter 1, 2012 372
Add 46 Rhodes University Library Services Annual Report 2013 : "Our Scholarly Heartbeat" 371
Add 47 RUL News, Quarter 2, 2012 370
Add 48 Rhodes University Library Annual Report 2011 : acting Library Director’s Review 368
Add 49 RUL News, Quarter 3, 2013 368
Add 50 Rhodes University Library Services Annual Report 2012 : Library Director's message 364