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Add 1 IsiXhosa ulwimi lwabantu abangesosininzi eZimbabwe: ukuphila nokulondolozwa kwaso 7102
Add 2 Empathy in the time of ecological apartheid : a social sculpture practice-led inquiry into developing pedagogies for ecological citizenship 3278
Add 3 Camphor-derived chiral auxiliaries: a synthetic, mechanistic and computational study 1623
Add 4 The jazz divas an analysis of the musical careers of six New Brighton vocalists 1620
Add 5 Composition portfolio 1603
Add 6 Imagined pasts, suspended presents South African literature in the contemporary moment 593
Add 7 Conditions enabling or constraining the exercise of agency among new academics in higher education, conducive to the social inclusion of students 515
Add 8 A social realist account of the tutorial system at the University of Johannesburg 514
Add 9 The supervisor’s tale: postgraduate supervisors’ experiences in a changing Higher Education environment 492
Add 10 Control, compliance and conformity at the University of Fort Hare 1916 - 2000: a Gramscian approach 485
Add 11 Knowledge and knowing in the public management and public administration programmes at a comprehensive university 478
Add 12 Becoming and being: a critical realist study into the emergence of identity in emergency medical science students, and the construct of graduate attributes 469
Add 13 Pedagogical ways-of-knowing in the design studio 468
Add 14 Reading identities: a case study of grade 8 learners' interactions in a reading club 467
Add 15 Emergent governance practices in the University of Malawi following reform implementation from 1997 to 2013 466
Add 16 In vitro drug-herb interaction potential of African medicinal plant products used by Type II diabetics 457
Add 17 Cultural bias on the IELTS examination 452
Add 18 Enabling cumulative knowledge-building through teaching : a legitimation code theory analysis of pedagogic practice in law and political science 451
Add 19 An exploration of conditions enabling and constraining the infusion of service-learning into the curriculum at a South African research led university 449
Add 20 An analysis of the certificate of the theory of accounting knowledge and knower structures : a case study of professional knowledge 438
Add 21 A history of the Xhosa, c1700-1835 435
Add 22 An investigation into causes of success and failure in small businesses within the Department of Social Development in the Eastern Cape 317
Add 23 Fast track land reform programme and women in Goromonzi district, Zimbabwe 289
Add 24 A social realist analysis of participation in academic professional development for the integration of digital technologies in higher education 287
Add 25 Oil enclave economy and sexual liaisons in Nigeria's Niger Delta region 278
Add 26 An anthropological study of witchcraft-related crime in the Eastern Cape and its implications for law enforcment policy and practice 270
Add 27 Epistemological access in a science foundation course: a social realist perspective 253
Add 28 A psychobiographical study of Ralph John Rabie 211
Add 29 Discursive constructions of quality assurance: the case of the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education 201
Add 30 Movement patterns, stock delineation and conservation of an overexploited fishery species, Lithognathus Lithognathus (Pisces: Sparidae) 199
Add 31 Essence of home: relevance of home and the assertion of place amongst Centane migrants, South Africa 199
Add 32 Determining guidelines for effectively leading culturally diverse teams at Volkswagen South Africa 192
Add 33 A framework for the corporate governance of ICT in local government 190
Add 34 Analysis of a foundational biomedical curriculum: exploring cumulative knowledge-building in the rehabilitative health professions 187
Add 35 A framework for information security management in local government 187
Add 36 Effectiveness of the high value crop-based extension model in improving rural livelihoods 186
Add 37 A framework for implementing bring your own device in higher education institutions in South Africa 183
Add 38 The metabolic physiology of early stage Argyrosomus japonicus with insight into the potential effects of pCO2 induced ocean acidification 183
Add 39 Understanding the reading practices of Fort Hare students 183
Add 40 An analysis of the politics-administrative interface and its impact on delivery of municipal services: a case of the Mnquma Local Municipality 179
Add 41 Public discourses on choice of termination of pregnancy in a rural area of the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa 178
Add 42 A model to address factors that could influence the information security behaviour of computing graduates 177
Add 43 Language and literacy development for a Grade 10 English first additional language classroom: a reading to learn case study 174
Add 44 Rural households livelihoods' strategies and opportunities with regard to farming: a case of Intsika Yethu Local Municipality 170
Add 45 An investigation into the perceptions of female academics on their career development: a comparative study of South African and Zimbabwean universities 168
Add 46 Staged authenticities an exploration of the representations of AmaXhosa culture within the main programme of the National Arts Festival, 2009 163
Add 47 Comparative localization studies of P.falciparum ADP-ribosylation factor proteins in P.falciparum parasites and hela cells using GFP tagged constructs 161
Add 48 Governing information security within the context of "bring your own device" in small, medium and micro enterprises 157
Add 49 ICT readiness for business continuity in local government 156
Add 50 A critical realist dialectical understanding of learning pathways associated with two scarce skill environmental occupations within a transitioning systems frame 154